Green Rate Program

The Green Rate program gives you the opportunity to purchase more of the energy you use from renewable sources. If you're unable to install solar panels on your roof, this might be a good solution to support the environment.

On behalf of Green Rate customers, we purchase additional solar energy to meet the needs of Green Rate participants from California developers within our service territory.

  • You may elect your level of participation (50% OR 100% of energy usage)

Energy credits are estimated to be a credit of .29* cents per kWh for TOU-GS-1 customers; and energy costs from .39 cents to 2.71 cents per kWh more for all other business customers depending on your rate schedule and 4.14 cents per kWh for Street Lighting.

  • You may de-enroll from the Green Rate at any time without penalty
  • SCE's Green Rate program is Green-e® Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at
*Energy credits are subject to change, based on usage or future rate changes.

Green-e(R) Energy Certified

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